Oh that Amy gal......

INFP 100%. Expressing myself through decorating, crafting, being a dog mom, shopaholic,  wanna be gardener and so much more!

Handmade Pearl Jewelry

Diamonds and Pearls song by Prince is a classic, and even though I can't provide the diamonds, I can provide the pearls!!!

Data Journalist

Have a ton of data that is keeping the answers  to your questions hostage? Let me help you make that ugly data pretty.

Vendor Booth


4406 N Palafox 

Fom my creations  to my closet cleanouts. Hi I'm Amy & I'm a Shopaholic!

Prayer Beads

The power of prayer is amazing & creating custom/ unique Rosaries is my therapy. Mala & other prayer beads coming soon!

Got a greenhouse so now what?!?!?

Check out my blog about trying to find a green thumb.